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The President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, signed the Dpcm 9 March 2020 containing new measures to contain and combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus throughout the country.
The measure extends to the whole of Italy.
Any form of gathering of people in public places or open to the public is prohibited.


Like many people, I got stuck in quarantine - not in my town of residence, Milan - but in my hometown Rome, where I was working on a new piece for the next National Gallery group show
Paradoxically, a work about freedom, about the concept of borders and how to digress from them.

Forced to stop the work in progress and to leave my family's home for their safety, I quickly collected all the items that were stored there from years, not knowing what I was going to do with them.

Hosted in a friend's house, in an area outside the city’s ring road, with only a few houses around, no shops, a wild and abandoned green area on the border of the train station -Aurelia- I started my quarantine.



40 days out of the blue

40OFTB// is a project  that has evolved in “natural” condition.

40OFTB// is a project of Suspension
40OFTB// is a project of Adaptation
40OFTB// is a project of Extinction
40OFTB// is a project of Evolution

40OFTB// is a project about 
40’s no-works for 40 quarantine days

This no-site, must be considered as a real virtual work. A body that contains a multiplicity of organs that often perform visionary actions in defense and against a virus that threatens them.


Polaroid machine, 3D glasses - optical lenses - shells - starfish - 1950 serial decorations to be applied on ceramics - paper scotch - red pencil - computer - mobile phone - notebooks - box of watercolors - quarantine news from television - computer and mobile phone - social applications - augmented reality - archive files from NASA, ESA, INAF sites etc.